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The year is 1992 at one of the largest summer Fellowships ever.  The Tomahawk Campfire Bowel is packed as full as each Candidate for office talks to the crowd  The fellowship drew over 300 participants - one of our largest.

The race for chief was hotly contested as were the other offices in the lodge.Chapters were there to support their man and electioneering had gone on for most of the previous day and into the night.

Who Could imagine that 22 years later, the winner of the 1992 race and the Lodge Chief for 1992-3 would be Brad Mecham.

A popular Lodge Secretary, Lodge Vice Chief and finally lodge Chief, Brad first ran for office with the promise of getting the membership cards out on time.  In his time the Lodge secretary was responsible for mailing out the cards - filing the out site and also seeing that a lodge newsletter was published monthly.  It meant lots of nights for the officers folding and addressing over some 1200 or so newsletters.  Brad did it all.  As a lodge Vice Chief he was the NOAC contingent chairman, responsible for the trip, paying the bills and getting us there and back.

In addition Brad was an active staff member of Silver Moccasin for several years.

You can check out the newsletter sectioo for his Legends as well as some of the ones that he published for otehr Chief's as the Lodge Secretary.

\He went on to serve as the Section Chief and then as an adult as a Scoutmaster, and most recently as the Coup Trail Adviser.


Brad is the first Lodge chief of the El-Ku-Ta Lodge to become its Adviser. In addition, Brad Was elected to the Great Salt Lake Council Executive Board on June 4th at its Annual Business Meeting. Once again the lodge in for great things.  We welcome the new Lodge Adviser - Brad Mecham!


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